Every day indignant messages pour Phone Number List in on the advertiser community thread in which people wonder what the lower limit is before the 'real' search volumes become visible again: So I don't get it. I started an ad Phone Number List campaign and i STILL get vague results for the keyword planner. What the hell do I have to do to see specific statistics in the keyword planner? please tell me! – Golf F. Does anyone know what is the monthly spend required for us to be able to see full information on Keywords Planner, e.g. average Phone Number List monthly search volume? – Navi B Google doesn't answer that last question.

With a higher 'advertise Phone Number List spend' per month, we do see the search volumes 'going on' among customers. But what exactly the lower limit is remains unclear, and Google does not answer that either. Are all those Phone Number List impatient people in the forum really right that the tool is no longer useful to them? No, luckily not: just read on. To understand exactly what to do, first an overview of the problem Problem 1: the Phone Number List search volumes are shown as 'range values' What exactly is the problem?

As a non-advertiser, but Phone Number List also as a smaller advertiser, you will come across the message below in the keyword planner. This page shows ranges for search volumes. If you want a more comprehensive view, set up and Phone Number List run a campaign. Adwords keyword planner with reach values ​​instead of search volumes. You can also see the 'reach values' in the screenshot. “Chocolate” has a search volume Phone Number List somewhere between 10 and a hundred thousand per month. So that could be 1001 or 100,000. Quite a difference! Another example: marketplace: 1 million to 10 million.