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In the digital environment, a good Marketing strategy is an excellent way to meet objectives. However, companies in the industrial sector are still in an uncertain context to detect and develop their digitalization strategies for marketing and sales.

Facing digitization means constantly taking new actions
New technologies and processes account for the imminent change and the need for an update by companies to adapt to new markets, so knowing the state of Marketing and Sales in the industrial sector is key to strategic success. But what are the keys to this digital transformation?

How the digital transformation is taking place in the industry
Industrial companies are beginning to be aware of the opportunities available on the Internet and the importance of adapting to digital transformation. Most of them are already beginning to adapt (slowly) with the creation of a new website and the outsourcing of digital attraction, which they are leaving to specialized agencies, but that is not enough. Companies need to go one step further to make this digital transformation effective. For this, the main challenges of the industrial sector to face this new digital era are:

That marketing helps attract more contacts for the commercial team: the best way to attract contacts to an industrial website who are really interested in said company and its products or services is to create quality content. On the one hand, that will give you a greater volume of links to the website on the Internet and, on the other, it will give the opportunity to advise and advise the potential client. The best way to have a content strategy is with the creation of a blog.
Align marketing and sales work : For marketing to work, the key is to get these teams aligned to achieve a common goal and aware of how much they can do for each other if they walk in the same direction: first , the marketing team is in charge of generating and preparing the right leads or prospects so that, when they go to the sales department, they get them to finish the purchase process as quickly and satisfactorily as possible.
Loyalty to existing customers : loyalty of potential customers focuses on finding how to make them fall in love and build a long-term relationship with them. Customers will be more receptive to those companies that strive to go further, to empathize with them.
All these loyalty actions will also be based on technology and the use of Marketing Automation and a CRM that facilitate personalization in customer service and treatment, as well as the collection and management of data from them.

Getting the marketing team and the sales team of a company working Buy Mobile Database together is the first step to successfully integrating the tools. A joint strategy will allow you to get new customers and capture a large number of quality leads. For this reason, industrial companies will have to adopt an integrative methodology that allows them to combine all the tools with the new sales processes and adapt to their purchasing cycle.

Industry 4.0 and Industrial Marketing
Industry 4.0 will mark the path of industrial companies in the future and is the present of the competitiveness of companies. Industrial marketing is, today, a necessity to successfully develop the digitization process and keep up with the competitors.

There are many autonomous communities that have specialized agencies in digital Best database providertransformation processes and in R & D & i investment needs. From advice, aids and tools, companies can position themselves as leading, modern and efficient companies.

For example, in Valencia there is the IVACE, Institut Valencià de Competitivitat Empresarial, an entity that helps and accompanies companies in the digital transformation processes. Together with the competent bodies and a specialized agency, industrial companies may be in a position of all the tools to succeed and adapt to Industry 4.0.